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email: machold@gmail.com

[Bio, of sorts]

Born in the Adirondack Mountains in 1969, raised in Auburn, New York, spent seven long years in Greenville, NC almost getting a music degree, lived and worked in Austin, TX since June of 1996, where I did manage to get a BA in Computer Science. And there you have it.

I live by one rule only, stolen from the lomo philosophy - take your camera with you wherever you go. I can find things to take photos of no matter where I am. I don't believe in much post-production - I use photoshop mainly to resize images, that's it. Any effects I get are done when the photo is taken. I use filters quite a bit, mostly homemade ones. Most of the photos on these pages were taken on film, with a Nikon N80, a select few are digital.

I also own and operate a show list for Austin at showlistaustin.com.

[Exhibits, Etc.]

June 2007 - Displayed some photos at Thunderbird Coffee, 1401 Koenig Lane, Austin, TX.

Fully Filtered - From November 2006 to January 2007 I staged an exhibit at End of an Ear, a record store here in Austin, TX that has a wall dedicated to rotating art displays. The show featured photos taken using different filtering techniques, generally involving colored filters over the lens, flash and/or lights. A few of the photos from the show can be found on the larger pieces page and in the tape gallery.

Frater Mine - Sean McGrath used photos of mine for the covers of the first three issues of his comic book.

Hit Space - Austin band Hit Space used some of my test tube photos for the artwork of their CD "(Verb)".

The Friendly Friends Picture Show - A collaborative show featuring a wall of over 1100 photographs by Eric Berger, Joolie Bracken, Katherine Strickland, Wain Weldin and myself. The show also featured four or five framed photos from each participant. The wall was held together with Lomo Fotoclips. The exhibit ran from August 27 to October 1, 2005 at End of an Ear.


Toxic Shot - A collaborative show, organized by Katherine Strickland featuring action shots from live music shows. I contributed five photos to the exhibition, which ran for one week in May of 2006 at End of an Ear